Benefits of Online Spray Records Management was started in 1994 with growers in mind. continues to keep the needs of the grower and pesticide applicator foremost in its development. Our software produces readable, easy access compliance reports for regulatory entities to help companies profitably manage time and costs associated with chemicals, employees, and equipment.

  • Save frustration by easily complying with government regulations

    Save frustration by easily complying with government regulations

    Tracking your spray records so they comply with GLOBALG.A.P. and state/federal agencies is hard work!! SprayReports makes suggestions through the recommendation and record keeping process.

  • Save money by analyzing chemical usage and costs

    Save money by analyzing chemical usage and costs

    With all of your spray records online, you can analyze your chemical usage costs by block or commodity. Compare supplier costs before purchasing. Purchase orders and receipts can be tracked too.

  • Save time for each spray

    Save time for each spray

    Quickly print recommendations and work orders for employees then convert them into a permanent spray record. Quickly print re-entry signs. Send reports to packing houses. Easily keep your chemical inventory up-to-date.

  • Organic and Conventional

    Organic and Conventional

    Chemicals which are organic can be designated and listed separately, if desired. Notification is given if a conventional chemical is selected for spraying an organic block

  • Track Equipment Costs

    Track Equipment Costs

    Equipment is a big cost of farming. Each piece of equipment used to spray can be entered, assigned a location and hourly cost (based on depreciation, fuel, repairs, etc) . Costing reports can be run with or without equipment costs.

  • Manage Personnel Easier

    Manage Personnel Easier

    On site administrator controls use of program. Information can be provided for Managers, Applicators, Recommenders and Approvers. Hourly costs can be given for applicators (and equipment) to track hours and proficiency,

Sydney Anderson, Goose Ridge Winery & Vineyards, Benton City, WA

“SprayReports is a great tool for the modern farmer. As we move towards a heavily regulated agriculture industry, good record keeping is a necessity. This program allows us to track chemical inputs, individual block applications and pesticide inventory. The newest inventory feature is really helpful. Just enter the chemical receipts and SprayReports does the rest. Inventory accurately details pesticide storage and spray useage. We highly recommend SprayReports progam and the fantastic service and support the company provides.”

Kathleen Simmons, Stennes Fruit, Pateros, WA

“Spray Reports has been very helpful in organizing and recording application of all sprays. It is very useful in year to year operations and as a research tool. It is quick and easy to look at our history and see what was used for certain problems and be able to pinpoint an effective product. A big plus is the approval and acceptance by Global Gap. It is a straightforward and streamlined tool in meeting all current requirements. We also appreciate the fact that upgrades costs are included in the yearly lease.”

Kari Zavala, Farm Services, Zavala Orchard Services, Big Fork, Montana

“I have greatly appreciated SprayReports. It helped me keep records easier and also made printing reports of my records a breeze. I have not regretted my decision to purchase it.”

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