sprayreports.com™ is a web based, comprehensive management tool for storing, managing and retrieving Chemical Spray Records. Sign up for your 30 Day Free Trial to get a fully functioning version today!

After you sign up, you have full use of the program for 30 days. If you would like to continue using the program, you may purchase a full years license at any time after the trial period has begun, but before the trial period expires.

sprayreports.com™ is designed to easily help you track, retrieve and evaluate your information. It keeps you in compliance with pesticide regulations and also adds management tools to aid in evaluating your budget and chemical use:


  • Various levels of accounts available: 1 user to unlimited users
  • Ability to share spray reports with packing houses online without having to print and send reports
  • Unlimited number of ranches / blocks per user
  • Approved USDA / WSDA spray reports
  • Cholinesteraste Monitoring based on 30 rolling days of exposure to chemicals containing Organophosophates & Carbamates
  • EuroGap / GlobalGap Reports and tracking
  • Expanded chemical database features which track: PHI (Post Harvest Interval); REI (Reentry Interval); crop type; user defined cost /unit sprayed; spray type
  • Templates for repetitive chemical mix recipes applied to different ranches/blocks
  • HTML5 based system. Works best in Chrome. See our About page for more details.

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